Scientific Advisory Boards

Whether convening a board of scientists, ex-regulators, clinicians or patients, get the most out of your advisors.

Our promise

Maximum value from your expert interactions

You know that it is crucial to have the right key opinion leaders and patient advocates on your team. You know how important it is to get input from the experts in the field and that unbiased, scientific scrutiny can propel you to your next milestone.

Just like you, hundreds of companies solicit outside input every year. Many of them don’t get the value they pay for. We don’t let that happen.

What we do

Facilitating remarkable insights


Getting the right people around the table is only part of a successful advisory board.  We excel at planning, designing and leading meaningful interactions that ensure actionable output that leads to better decisions.

Leveraging our unmatched international expert network, we bring together a panel that uniquely suits your needs. We plan meticulously,  create ideal briefing materials and manage all aspects of logistics and technology – ensuring you have the right conditions to get the best input possible. We have facilitated boards across diverse disease areas and scientific platforms and commit to getting the most from the talent assembled.

Whether your clinical team seeks advice on development plans and trial design, or your commercial team wishes to engage KOLs around phase 4 studies and new indications, we plan and deliver for efficiency and value from start to finish. We distill the board’s input into key insights, are adept at moderating and driving the meeting to a successful end, follow up directly with your team to drive action and ensure nothing is lost in the process.

 We create expert board events that have positive and lasting impact on your team and your program.


Your quick grasp of the therapeutic area is unsurpassed in my experience. Thank heaven you guys were there for us.


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