Strategic Communications

What you communicate and how you communicate matter. We help you execute successful engagements with confidence.

Our promise

Clear, persuasive, impactful communication

Whether you are presenting to investors, interacting with the  media or communicating value to clinicians and payers, you can’t afford to let your communications style or content hinder you.

What we do

Teach you to speak and negotiate effectively

We are scientifically and team-minded communications strategists and coaches. We help you listen effectively, master conversations and teach you techniques to help you shape dialogue, drive alignment and create the outcomes you seek.

Building on our experience leading teams through high-stakes situations, we help you turn your messages into compelling narrative. We make your team into persuasive communicators leading to profound personal, professional and business improvements.

We’re communications strategists and catalysts who empower you to write and speak clearly and convincingly, and to answer questions decisively in any setting. Steeped in science, cross-functional team leadership and communications technique, we empower your teams by meeting you where you are and taking you where you need to be.

We offer:

  • Media Training
  • Medical Science Liaison Workshops
  • Executive Leadership Communications coaching
  • Investor and Analyst presentations
  • Facilitation, Presenting, Q&A workshops
  • Value Communications and Negotiations Training
  • Cross-functional team communications skill-building
  • Individual communications coaching

You build confidence. You bring experience and knowledge to the table. You’re problem solvers, motivators, team builders, and builders of cross-cultural bridges.


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