Value Messaging

Value MessagingPharmApprove combines a deep understanding of pharmaco-economic and outcomes research with a mastery of sophisticated communications techniques to prepare our clients to win with payers and HTAs worldwide. These include NICE in the UK, IQWiG, and Commission de Transparence among others in Europe, as well as managed care entities in the US.

We employ a two-staged approach: First, we evaluate all your important materials, such as labeling, EPAR, and risk management plans. We then discuss these findings, plot an argument strategy, and compose a project plan. We may also facilitate an objective, multidisciplinary expert panel review to test your argument.

A series of intensive slide, document and presentation reviews follow, with a focus on sharpening the clinical outcomes messages as well as the economic logic of your argument that specifically addresses the needs of each region.

And, using our proprietary preparation methodologies, our team can address all your communications needs, including

  • HTA Framework Design
  • Market Access Expert Panel
  • Market Access Argument
  • HTA Dossier Review
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Team Alignment
  • Q&A Preparation
  • Project Management
  • Meeting Logistics

In every aspect of market access support, PharmApprove prepares you to win.