Market Access Support

Market Access SupportPresenting your core value proposition to payers and HTAs is both challenging and stressful. PharmApprove helps you take this final, vital step to commercialization by performing a rigorous and integrated clinical review of your pharmaco-economic dossier, then preparing you to win by helping you shape your outcomes evidence into a persuasive case for reimbursement.    

Reimbursement is the fourth hurdle of development. And with payers and HTAs demanding increasingly compelling evidence that a new therapy or device improves standard of care and public health, companies need to create — and persuasively deliver — a convincing value proposition.

PharmApprove posseses an unparalleled ability to fashion powerful arguments from complex scientific and economic data. Our principals and subject matter experts begin by analyzing your “case” for both message flow and clarity. Our senior communications coaches then make sure that you’re prepared to present that case with power and authority, and respond to any and all questions, both in print and in person. Our merger with NDA Group gives your team the extraordinary opportunity to pressure test your case in mock sessions with expert panels of former payers and HTAB members. In these realistic, live-fire sessions, your team not only gets crucial practice but also candid and invaluable feedback. Learn more…