About PharmApprove

PharmApprove Team in Central NJPharmApprove staff at our US headquarters near Princeton, New Jersey.

PharmApprove is the leading strategic, regulatory, and scientific communications consultancy to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in the US, Canada and Europe. We equip life sciences innovators with the right message as well as the skills to deliver it, helping them prepare to win by making complex scientific arguments comprehensible and compelling to key audiences.

We offer both strategic and tactical support to companies facing high-profile, high stakes events and engagements anywhere along the road to approval and commercialization. We help them win health authority approvals, deliver compelling regulatory communications, and make persuasive pharmacoeconomic arguments to payers and HTAs.

Over the past 18 years, PharmApprove’s pioneering approach to strategic, regulatory and scientific communications has produced a winning record for our clients: We’ve helped more than 150 sponsor teams and over 1,200 presenters make their best case for product approvals. And we have an 85% success rate at FDA Advisory Committee meetings over the past three years; successfully steering companies through those challenging public hearings is our longstanding specialty. There is no better communications catalyst in the regulatory communications industry today.

In addition to its US operations, PharmApprove is a member of NDA Group – the leading strategic, regulatory, and HTA consultancy in Europe. By sharing resources and knowledge, together we can offer our global clients an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience and expertise in the US and in Europe. This partnership enables us to bolster our mission to support the rapid development of novel therapies by integrating science, regulatory strategy and reimbursement.